Tuesday, May 6, 2014

2014 CFL Mock Draft

We'll make each pick through 4 rounds and briefly summarize our rationale behind our picks in rounds 1 and 2.

Round 1-

1. Ottawa REDBLACKS - Pierre Lavertu OL Laval

There wasn't much discussion on this one.  Ottawa needs someone who can start right away.  Marwan Hage retired.  Alex Krausnick-Groh is a borderline CFLer, best suited to long-snapping and spot duty. Lavertu will start at centre for Ottawa immediately.  He's the best player in the draft who likely won't be signing with the NFL in 2014.

2. Winnipeg Blue Bombers- Quinn Smith DL Concordia

Quinn Smith is the hot prospect of the moment.  He is very athletic for an interior DL, and dominated the OL prospects in this draft at the combine, then flipped to the offensive side and did very well.  Would the Bombers view Smith as a future OL or keep him on the defensive side?  

This is a tough pick.  The Bombers really need interior OL, and really need a centre.  Much like the 2012 draft where they picked 3rd and BC swooped in for the 2nd pick, the Bombers are one spot behind where they need to be to pick the player they want and need, now victimized by being the worst team in an expansion year rather than a draft day trade.  

Kyle Walters has been adamant on adding OL to the pipeline in this draft and specifically with this pick.  Is this whole OL thing a bluff if Lavertu is off the board for the Bombers?  The Bombers don't pick again until 20th overall, so if they want a good OL prospect above all else, they will likely need to take one with their first pick.

3. Edmonton Eskimos- David Foucault OL Montreal

The Eskimos OL is the shallowest in the league, and they are lacking high-end guys too.  Simply put, it is a mess.  Hard to see the Eskimos not taking the best OL available at 3rd overall.  They do not pick again until 21st overall.  

4. Montreal Alouettes- Jesse Briggs LB McGill

A bit of an off the board pick, but Jim Popp is not one to hold to the form chart.  Remember Matt Singer?

Briggs has the athletic potential to be one of the most impactful players in this draft class, and Montreal values athletic ability above all else at the draft table.  He should be able to join the Als roster immediately as a special teams player, backup to Marc-O Brouillette and eventual replacement for MOB.  Evan Gill, Devon Bailey, Andrew Lue, Anthony Coombs and Kris Bastien are possibilities here too.

5. BC Lions- Evan Gill DL Manitoba

The Lions have no pressing needs.  Devon Bailey and Anthony Coombs are possible here with BC's NI playmakers likely coming to the end of their prime years.  Gill is much more of a sure thing though.  The Lions will likely want Gill to drop a few of the NFL pounds and regain a little extra quickness.  Don't be surprised if Gill decides to finish his CIS career and review his options with the CFL and NFL heading into the 2015 season, although Gill has a lot to gain by landing at an ideal playing weight and having a couple good CFL seasons to show the NFL, he might be better off at NFL end size (285-290).

6. Toronto Argonauts- Devon Bailey Receiver St. FX

Toronto is in a really good spot to take a high risk, high reward type gamble with this pick.  They could use a linebacker as depth behind Shea Emry, and there are some good options.  Could use a depth DL too.  They should still have good options at 15th overall to add a defender.  The Argos NI playmakers are aging, and Bailey or Coombs seem to be an obvious pick here.  We'll go with Bailey as a slightly safer pick.

7. Calgary Stampeders- Andrew Lue DB/LB Queen's

Calgary has a need for NI depth on the defensive side of the ball.  Lue is the best player available here.

8. Saskatchewan Roughriders- Dylan Ainsworth DL Western 

Ainsworth is a guy who might be able to develop into a good situational pass rusher, at worst he'll bring athleticism to special teams. 

9. Hamilton Tiger-Cats- Matthias Goossen OL Simon Fraser

OL pipeline pick, who might play sooner than later in Hamilton. Anthony Coombs is a possibility here too, but we didn't think Kent Austin would make that kind of outside the box move to consider a NI tailback.

Round 2-

10. Ottawa REDBLACKS- Anthony Coombs RB Manitoba

Probably not the best situation for Coombs to start with, but he should get a chance to play as a running back and/or receiver in Ottawa. Ottawa needs a NI playmaker somewhere, Kris Bastien is a potential pick here too.

11. Hamilton Tiger-Cats- Kris Bastien Receiver Concordia 

Bastien is in the running for best player left at this 11th in this mock, and Hamilton really needs some NI receiver depth behind Fantuz and Giguere.

12. BC Lions-  Beau Landry LB Western

Given who is left on the board, it seems very likely that BC would pick a defensive player here.  Landry is the best available.  OL is a possibility here too.

13. Montreal Alouettes- David Menard DL Montreal 

Menard should be able to platoon with Mike Klassen on the Als DL, potentially even in 2014.  That would help cushion the loss of Shea Emry to the Argos.  

14. BC Lions- Kyle Paterson OL Regina

The 2nd tier of OL in this draft begins with Paterson.  Paterson is raw, but athletic and needs to add a little bulk.  Terry Hart and Jas Dhillon are OL possibilities here too.  All are interior OL.

15. Toronto Argonauts- Jas Dhillon OL UBC 

OL pipeline pick.

16. Calgary Stampeders- Antoine Pruneau DB Montreal 

More depth for Calgary's defense and special teams, Casey Chin, Michael Dadzie, Raye Hartmann and Derek Jones are other potential selections here. 

17. Hamilton Tiger-Cats- Terry Hart OL St. FX

Make more room in the pipeline!

18. Saskatchewan Roughriders-  Casey Chin LB Simon Fraser

Chin should go much higher, but there will be a run on OL in the first couple rounds in a draft light on OL prospects.  Should help replace Newman and Butler on special teams immediately, should develop into a guy who can play a role on defense if not more.

Round 3-

19. Calgary Stampeders- Laurent Duvernay-Tardif OL McGill
20. Winnipeg Blue Bombers- Michael Dadzie DL Regina 
21. Edmonton Eskimos- Derek Jones DB Simon Fraser
22. Montreal Alouettes- Johnny Mark K Calgary 
23. Ottawa REDBLACKS- Adam Thibault DB Laval
24. Calgary Stampeders- Evan Pszczonak Receiver Windsor 
25. Calgary Stampeders- Max Caron LB Concordia 
26. Winnipeg Blue Bombers- Thomas Miles LB Manitoba
27. BC Lions- Raye Hartmann DB St FX 

Round 4-

28. Ottawa REDBLACKS- Tyler Crapigna K McMaster

29. Winnipeg Blue Bombers- Scott MacDonell REC Queens
30. Edmonton Eskimos- Guillaume Bourassa RB Laval
31. Montreal Alouettes-Quinn Everett OL Mount Allison
32. BC Lions- Tore Corrado REC Simon Fraser 
33. Toronto Argonauts- Eric Black DB Saint Mary's
34. Calgary Stampeders- Alexander Fox REC Bishop's
35. Montreal Alouettes- Travis Bent LB Concordia
36. Toronto Argonauts- Nigel Romick DL Saint Mary's

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