Monday, February 17, 2014

Welcome to Second and 10

This is the inaugural post of the Second and 10 blog.  

Unlike another 2014 addition to the Canadian football landscape, we won't be playing all of our exhibition games on the road, taking a bye in week 1, signing an overrated 39 year old quarterback and playing our inaugural game in Winnipeg.  Just the first of many jabs at the REDBLACKS (whoa, calm down).

The purpose of this blog is to take a deeper look at the CFL, and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers specifically.  In my experience as a CFL fan, and on CFL fan message boards, I have learned that there is a demand for longform analysis beyond what is provided by the great people who broadcast CFL games and the people who "cover the beat" of CFL teams.  This blog will attempt to feed that demand.  Basic analysis will be provided in a different way, but we will also try to go into further depth on how teams build their rosters, and how good is that right tackle anyways?  Using extended analysis and some advanced statistics (yes, Moneyball is coming to football) we'll provide some context to the game we love.

Why 2nd and 10?  2nd and 10 is what offences try to avoid.  Good offences do that.  The Bombers have struggled with this...clearly!  We all know and love the 4 yard pass to a guy standing still with his back the the first down line.  The goal of this blog is to move the chains :p.

A great forum to discuss the Blue Bombers can be found at Morning Big Blue.

Feel free to drop comments on the blog posts, discussion is encouraged!

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